Hangar 84

While there may be other companies in the aerospace industry who inhabit the New Mexico desert, SII is the only one to currently occupy the infamous Hangar 84 in Roswell. In 1947, an airborne craft crashed on a ranch near Roswell, NM. The government claimed the craft was a U.S. military surveillance balloon, but some eyewitnesses attest to this day that the crash material was actually from an alien spacecraft that was taken to Hangar 84, with alien bodies intact.

SII’s location makes for interesting conversation. SII has been approached by Hollywood several times to make the hangar available for documentary footage and have had celebrity visits too, including Larry the Cable Guy. We’ve searched high and low and can find no evidence of little green men in our hangar. However, as far as we’re concerned they’re welcome to visit us again anytime. After all, they were aerospace geniuses with the engineering savvy to fly an aircraft across the universe; risk takers looking to explore new frontiers; and maybe even enterprising businessmen looking for a cross-galaxy partner.

Sounds a little like the kind of forward-thinking, aerospace savvy team members SII likes to partner with here at SII!