Dismantling and End of Life

A plane’s life span is not measured exclusively in years, but in pressurization cycles and economic assessments, as well. Proper maintenance and parts replacement can extend an aircraft’s life significantly - perhaps up to 40 years! However, while SII prides itself on keeping planes flying safely for as long as possible, when it becomes most cost efficient to take the plane out of service, SII is there to help.

At its Roswell facility, SII dismantles aircraft in an environmentally responsible manner, to harvest the marketable parts, in order to consign or resell them through SII Oklahoma. SII is pleased to offer many different solutions to its clients, but specializes in heavy transport aircraft dismantling. SII will also take care of all demolition, recycling and related activities from its AFRA accredited recycling operation.

SII has been dismantling aircraft for over 18 years, and is a proud member of AFRA. Do you have an aircraft that has reached its useful life? Contact us today to discuss your needs.