Aircraft Storage

Storage sounds like a static event but it is actually a maintenance function for aircraft. For any plane to safely return to the air, it is important to perform the regular, FAA and manufacturer required active maintenance throughout the plane’s storage period. SII has been safely returning aircraft to the air for the past six years.

SII’s Roswell, NM location at the International Air Center (formerly Walker Air Force base) offers the perfect dry, mild environment to preserve the aircraft throughout its storage period. The 145 Repair Station offers convenient, direct fly-in with runways long enough to land any commercial jet with 8,500 acres of active aircraft storage area.

SII Roswell also offers storage of aircraft records, and customer office space with Wi-Fi access during the aircraft induction process.

SII understands that an aircraft is an asset and pledges to maximize its value when final disposition is determined. For a month, a year or longer, we can store your aircraft and return it safely to flight. Contact SII at 575-347-2052 to arrange for aircraft storage.